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At Teacher Support Network we believe that no teacher should have to cope with emotional strain alone, which is why we're always here to listen. Our dedicated helpline, the only one of its kind, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More about us

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There are plenty of ways to help us provide emergency support for your colleagues - from doing a fundraising event in our name to a one-off or regular financial contribution.
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Teacher Support Network spoke to Radio 4 about teacher stress for a documentary looking at the cost of sickness absence on staff. 

Teacher with parent and pupil

For success not survival, focus on your audience.

As parents’ evening draws near, “Do your homework,” is the wise teacher’s mantra. Make sure you know the kids...

Julian Stanley's SecEd Column

Julian Stanley says teachers cannot be solely responsible for poor student behaviour but you can make a positive difference.

We helped 299 more NUT members last year than the year before. Fact

This page is for those of our donors who currently give to Teacher Support Network through your NUT membership. 

Julian Stanley's SecEd Column

In the lead up to the General Election, Julian Stanley says its time to get politicians and the wider public talking more about education.

Teacher Support Network is backing a piece of research commissioned by the Department for Education to find out why so many teachers are leaving the profession. 

We have produced this video with Stonewall for LGBT History Month which talks about how education staff can tackle LGBT issues at work.

Education Manifesto 2015-2020

Teacher Support Network Group has prepared this Education Manifesto for 2015-2020 in response to alarming findings from our services, surveys and other research. This manifesto sets out five...

The results of the Government's Workload Challenge were published today. Teacher Support Network Group has issued this response to...

Take part in our survey and tell us about LGBT matters in your school, college or university. 

£34,000 - £40,000

We want to support all current and former members of the education workforce to thrive and flourish, but to help more people, we need more income. Can you help us fundraise to make our goal a reality?

Julian Stanley's SecEd Column

Julian Stanley asks what are the best ways for schools to teach their students about discrimination.

Educational researcher David Miller looks at the benefits of using technology in the classroom

Julian Stanley's SecEd Column

Julian Stanley reflects on the big education stories of 2014 and looks forward to the new year ahead

Freelance writer Jennifer Watts examines the benefits of semi-structured lessons in the classroom

Jodie Merritt shares some tips to help you save precious time at work.