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Practical Guides

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We produce a range of practical guides which provide easy to digest help with key events and stages in the typical teacher's career.We also have an Advice Centre with articles, tips and help on a large range of general topics.

Advice Centre

Click to visit the Advice Centre

Like most professions, those working in education are just as likely to need support or information for their lives outside of work, as they are in the workplace. This centre has been created to give more general advice on everything from health and fitness, to nutrition to ageing, to tips on being environmentally friendly. You can also take part in webinars, take part in a quick poll or access our online money management tool: Pocketsmith.

You will also see two sections for 'Working' and 'Management'. We have kept these sections in as they provide potentially useful general information for you or your family. We should warn that this information has not been adapted for those working in education, however. For education specific queries on working conditions, issues in the workplace or any legal matters, please contact your union.