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Christine Blower pays tribute to her former headteacher

By Sally Baker : 9 December 2008

“She thought it was terribly important that girls had self-esteem.” Christine Blower, Acting General Secretary of the NUT, has paid tribute to her former headteacher through the website Great Teachers Remembered.

Christine has remembered Miss Davies , headteacher at Tolworth Girls School, Kingston. “She was a magnificent presence around the school and the library has been named after her. She really did genuinely know everyone and would constantly be talking to people, asking them questions about their life as well as questions about how they were doing at school.” “Miss Davies was a great advocate of girls’ education.

She thought it was terribly important that girls had self-esteem. In the 60s that was a really good, progressive position to take.” “I have an abiding memory of Miss Davies. We used to have a whole school assembly every day and at its conclusion she would look at the assembled masses of girls and ask: ‘What are you girls?’ We would have to say ‘Precious, Miss Davies.’

The effects of this have carried through into my adult life, knowing that my headteacher thought that every single girl in her school was a precious person.” Great Teachers Remembered enables family, friends, colleagues and pupils to make a permanent tribute to a teacher who has passed away. To read more tributes or to make your own visit Great Teachers Remembered. We can help you through times of bereavement You could talk to one of our trained coaches by calling us on 08000 562 561 (England) or 0800 564 2270 (Scotland).